Voice Biometrics Still Nascent; Requires Education

Since 2009 VBG has been providing quality voice biometric software technology.  The technology has continued to evolve, both in the core algorithms and in the ease and breadth of implementation and ongoing operation.  Numerous customers use the technology to great effect in niche areas.  However, even with nearly eight years of longevity, we consider the field of voice biometrics as extremely young.  Companies have not widely adopted the technology nor are consumers widely familiar with the term.

But that may be changing.  Security fears such as brought out in Janet Yellen’s testimony about cybercrime in banking, increasing capability of voice as the most convenient data entry for smartphones, and the increasing use of voice biometrics in consumer devices and applications like Hey Siri: Voice Biometrics Under Your Nose will all contribute to an acceleration of need for voice biometrics.  That in turn leads to the need to help more people understand it.

Consequently, we’ve dramatically revised and published significantly more content on our website and will keep adding to it.  To get a comprehensive view of the technology and business value of voice biometrics, check out Wondering If Voicebio Is For You?”  To calculate ROI of voice bio in a contact center, check out the ROI Calculator.  And see the Voice Bio Glossary for expansive explanations of key terms.  Only 10 to 15 minutes of reading will give you a solid foundation for serious engagement on the topic.

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