Countering Barking Dogs And Police Sirens During Authentication

In this article, Matt Peachey of Pindrop is quoted as describing how fraudsters are using techniques like barking dogs and police sirens in the background to create so much noise that an Active Voice Biometric authentication over the phone will fail, forcing the call to go to an agent where only Knowledge-Based Authentication is the security barrier.  

What’s a company to do?

First, your application sends audio to the voice biometric system.  VBG’s system will give you a response from our API to tell you if the audio fails an audio quality check.   In that case, be wary!  You can feed that audio to the agent.  If the background noise seems artificially constructed, you may have a “barking dog” fraudster on the line.   

Alternatively, implement a Passive Voice Biometric system as well as an active one.  A Passive system listens to the caller side of the conversation between the caller and the agent.  It can then validate the voice without the fraudster’s artificial noise before the agent provides protected information or enables a high value transaction.   For more on this topic, check out Passive Method, Also Known as “SpeakFreely”.  

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