Think "Voice Authentication as a Service" (VaaS). VBG is a leading provider of VaaS services.   Learn more about us
Call centers and IVRs, mobile applications, websites and more. It's easy to integrate the VSP System almost anywhere.   Learn more about our technology
Many clients start with a simple hosting package and later move to on-premise licensing when their needs grow.   Learn how easy it is to work with us
We've deployed over 25 different applications across 10+ different industries and in multiple languages.   See some examples of our work
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Our Company

Voice Biometrics Group™ (VBG) is a leading developer of voice biometric software and delivery systems. Our services are used in many industries, such as: financial services, language testing, online education, healthcare, law enforcement, and mobility.

Our Technology

Our flagship offering is the Verification Service Platform (VSP) System. We include our VMM-1 voice biometric engine, VoiceXML and REST APIs, scalable database, and a variety of reporting and administration functions ... all attractively priced!

Our Philosophy

It takes time to evaluate voice biometric technology. So, we'll carefully explain everything at every step of the way. And we'll give you a free trial and free support to demonstrate the accuracy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of the VSP System.

Our Value

  • High-Performance, Low-Cost
  • Many Flexible Deployment Options
  • Multiple Algorithms and Use Cases
  • Compliant, Scalable, and Reliable
  • Free Trial Program: Try It First!
  • Simple Pricing and Terms
  • Excellent Customer Service

Recent Projects

Examples of recent client deployments, pending production projects, and new development efforts. The VSP System is very flexible, allowing us to support almost any application, use case, and language!

See More ...

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    Call Routing

    Pending Deployment (FS)

  • ImageImage

    Bail Bonds / Surety

    Hosted Deployment (RN)

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    Language Testing

    On-Premise Deployment (FS)

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    Security Guard Check-In

    On-Premise Deployment (RN)

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    IVR Money Transfer

    Hosted Deployment (SN)

Simple, Scalable, Accurate, and Affordable Voice Biometrics!

Use our scalable web service to add cost-effective voice authentication to countless applications ...