Multi-Factor Authentication Comes Of Age

Multi-Factor Authentication (“MFA”) is the best known way to verify a person’s claimed identity. It is simply the combination of verification methods, each of which is not 100% fool-proof, such that the combined result has a higher probability of accuracy. However, in practice MFA has mostly been only two factors, combining a password with a security token or mobile phone. Technically, two is “multiple” because it’s more than one, but hey, do you honestly think of the number “two” when you hear the word “multiple?”  Voice Biometrics is now in a position to make MFA in practice comfortably more than just two.   In our new Resource page on MFA, we describe single factor, two-factor authentication, two-step verification, and then we describe how  easy it is to add a third factor, your voice, into an authentication solution.  You may not want to use MFA for every authentication everywhere, but it certainly does provide a robust solution for a variety of situations where stronger security is desirable, such as internal employees with access to data center operations or operators responsible for manually updating sensitive information in government or healthcare records.

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