Voice Biometrics Group Helps Banks Fight Fraud

In conjunction with our customer ACH Alert, we published a press release on how ACH Alert is now in production with a product that incorporates voice biometrics as an additional factor in a multi-factor authentication system for wire transfers. ACH Alert calls this new capability “Bio-Wire,” certainly an apt name. They are targeting mid-size banks and the full range of credit unions. They are already in production with one customer and have several more lined up. It looks like it will be a successful product for ACH Alert, especially as they have now more tightly integrated it into their full suite rather than running stand-alone, which is how they went to market with it initially.

We’re excited to work with ACH Alert and feel that this is an example of how voice biometrics will continue to gain traction in the mainstream. The financial benefits are clear simply from the risk mitigation. We wish a hearty congratulations as well as a thank you to the ACH Alert team who pioneered the use of voice biometrics in a new and valuable way.

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