Intel Security Recommends MFA For IT Orgs

Intel’s Security team latest report, Intel Security Report, points out the threat for IT administrators as more infrastructure moves to the Cloud.   The bottom line is that user credentials are at risk.  The way to increase your defense of those credentials is to deploy Multi-Factor Authentication, and as Intel now recommends, including Biometrics where possible.  We couldn’t agree more.

Many IT organizations already deploy various forms of MFA, usually a two-factor approach using hardware and/or software security tokens.  Voice Biometrics offers a way to easily add a third factor, this time a “something you are” biometric factor rather than a “something you know” password or a “something you have” token that could be stolen or compromised.  The voice biometric authentication is very low overhead using a smartphone either as a phone call or as an audio input/output device in conjunction with a native smartphone application.  You don’t have to use voice biometrics everywhere to gain a benefit.  Begin by adding the additional voice biometric factor to the most mission critical and sensitive access points.  It will give fraudsters a major barrier to overcome without creating undue burden to the IT Operator.  Check out our resource to learn more.

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