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Intel Security Recommends MFA For IT Orgs

Intel’s Security team latest report, Intel Security Report, points out the threat for IT administrators as more infrastructure moves to the Cloud.   The bottom line is that user credentials are at risk.  The way to increase your defense of those credentials is to

Voice Biometrics Group Helps Banks Fight Fraud

In conjunction with our customer ACH Alert, we published a press release on how ACH Alert is now in production with a product that incorporates voice biometrics as an additional factor in a multi-factor authentication system for wire

“Hey, Siri”: Voice Biometrics Under Your Nose

If you are an iPhone user with Siri enabled, you may have a voice biometric feature you are not using.  Apple introduced “Hey, Siri” recently as a way to ask for Siri help hands-free.  Instead of pressing and holding the iPhone button to get Siri, all you have to do is say, “Hey, Siri.”  This is similar to Google’s “Ok, Google.”  The big difference with Siri is that you train Siri by speaking “Hey, Siri” three times during a setup process, and then Siri will know to only respond to your voice and ignore everyone else.  “Ok, Google” does not have that distinction — yet, anyway.  It responds to anyone saying “Ok, Google” on a machine that’s listening for that phrase.