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GDPR And Voice Biometrics

The European Union’s directive on privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), has forced nearly every company on the planet to update and re-issue privacy policies.  Voice Biometrics Group is no exception.  We have updated our policies and are notifying clients.  The key point to note about our implementation is that the amount of private data in our platform is limited.  Unless a customer fails to use basic security measures to obfuscate a user id, nothing about a person’s identity other than the voice.  Of course, a person’s voice and what they might be saying could be extremely personal!

Voice Biometrics Group Helps Banks Fight Fraud

In conjunction with our customer ACH Alert, we published a press release on how ACH Alert is now in production with a product that incorporates voice biometrics as an additional factor in a multi-factor authentication system for wire

Multi-Factor Authentication Comes Of Age

Multi-Factor Authentication (“MFA”) is the best known way to verify a person’s claimed identity. It is simply the combination of verification methods, each of which is not 100% fool-proof, such that the combined result has a higher probability of accuracy. However,

VBG Website Now Responsive


Here’s a snapshot of our new home page

New Partnership In Latin America

Voice Biometrics Group is pleased to announce a deep partnership arrangement with a family of companies for Latin America.  L7 Biometrics, a subsidiary of CALA Consulting and sister company to Grupo CESA, have adopted VBG

New VBG Logo Arrives

Introducing our new logo …


The Launch of VBG

Welcome to Voice Biometrics Group (a/k/a “VBG”) Blog!  After nearly 7 years in the business, we felt it was time to finally start a blog.  And for this inaugural post, I thought the best place to start would be with some background on how we got started …