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Voice Biometrics Group Helps Banks Fight Fraud

In conjunction with our customer ACH Alert, we published a press release on how ACH Alert is now in production with a product that incorporates voice biometrics as an additional factor in a multi-factor authentication system for wire

Multi-Factor Authentication Comes Of Age

Multi-Factor Authentication (“MFA”) is the best known way to verify a person’s claimed identity. It is simply the combination of verification methods, each of which is not 100% fool-proof, such that the combined result has a higher probability of accuracy. However,

VBG Website Now Responsive


Here’s a snapshot of our new home page

New Partnership In Latin America

Voice Biometrics Group is pleased to announce a deep partnership arrangement with a family of companies for Latin America.  L7 Biometrics, a subsidiary of CALA Consulting and sister company to Grupo CESA, have adopted VBG

New VBG Logo Arrives

Introducing our new logo …


The Launch of VBG

Welcome to Voice Biometrics Group (a/k/a “VBG”) Blog!  After nearly 7 years in the business, we felt it was time to finally start a blog.  And for this inaugural post, I thought the best place to start would be with some background on how we got started …