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Voice Biometrics Still Nascent; Requires Education

Since 2009 VBG has been providing quality voice biometric software technology.  The technology has continued to evolve, both in the core algorithms and in the ease and breadth of implementation and ongoing operation.  Numerous customers use the technology to great effect in niche areas.  However, even with nearly eight years of longevity, we consider the field of voice biometrics as extremely young.  Companies have not widely adopted the technology nor are consumers widely familiar with the term.

Voice Biometrics Group Featured In Network World Security Roundup

Security is clearly of prime concern for CIOs everywhere.  Malicious activity and attacks on corporate and government networks have never been worse.  Network World published three articles by David Strom recently about security and specifically a product review of multi-factor products.  Multiple factors is the clear trend and the only true means to establish stronger security.  Here’s the main review.  We’re the ninth vendor:

“Hey, Siri”: Voice Biometrics Under Your Nose

If you are an iPhone user with Siri enabled, you may have a voice biometric feature you are not using.  Apple introduced “Hey, Siri” recently as a way to ask for Siri help hands-free.  Instead of pressing and holding the iPhone button to get Siri, all you have to do is say, “Hey, Siri.”  This is similar to Google’s “Ok, Google.”  The big difference with Siri is that you train Siri by speaking “Hey, Siri” three times during a setup process, and then Siri will know to only respond to your voice and ignore everyone else.  “Ok, Google” does not have that distinction — yet, anyway.  It responds to anyone saying “Ok, Google” on a machine that’s listening for that phrase.

VBG Website Now Responsive


Here’s a snapshot of our new home page

New Partnership In Latin America

Voice Biometrics Group is pleased to announce a deep partnership arrangement with a family of companies for Latin America.  L7 Biometrics, a subsidiary of CALA Consulting and sister company to Grupo CESA, have adopted VBG

New VBG Logo Arrives

Introducing our new logo …


The Launch of VBG

Welcome to Voice Biometrics Group (a/k/a “VBG”) Blog!  After nearly 7 years in the business, we felt it was time to finally start a blog.  And for this inaugural post, I thought the best place to start would be with some background on how we got started …