VBG Presents at SpeechTek 2018

April 16, 2018

Last week VBG presented at the 2018 SpeechTek conference in Washington, D.C. As the name implies, there were many different speech technology companies there, participating in round table discussions, giving speeches, exhibiting, networking, etc. It was a good event and several of the speeches were very informative. Perhaps no surprise, many of the technology-related tracks focused on AI and Deep Learning topics.

VBG was no exception. We presented some of the background research related to Speech Enhancement (SE) technology that was developed by Emre at the University of Rochester. Click here to see our presentation.

VBG will be releasing SE capabilities into our software stack over the summer, and we have numerous other deep learning-based technologies following, including gender and channel classification functions. And by early 2019, we plan to release our VMM-4 engine which will incorporate even more deep learning-based techniques. Stay tuned.

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Peter Soufleris

VBG's Founder and CEO

Peter is an avid reader, particularly of high-tech topics. These articles express his opinion only, but he hopes you enjoy them!

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