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VBG Technology in Action

Key Features

What’s different about VBG?

Several features combine to make VBG the right choice for all your voice biometric needs!

Accurate Technology

We feature the latest machine and deep learning algorithms in our engine and are constantly working to improve accuracy

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Flexible Platform

VBG has the most flexible technology platform in the industry! Hosted, On-Premise, or Hybrid - you choose.

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Any Language and Use Case

VBG technology supports 40 languages and can work with either actively or passively collected speech samples.

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Easy Integrations

Our RESTful and VXML APIs make it easy for developers to be up and running quickly! Call today to arrange for a free trial.

Variety of Plans

Monthly subscriptions, annual licenses, or pay-as-you go. We have numerous plan types and price tiers to meet any budget.

Friendly, Responsive Support

We pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service in the industry. Call us today to see firsthand!

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VBG Team

Meet Our Team

Our core members have been working together since 2006

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