VBG Platform

The complete SaaS foundation for all VBG Offerings

  • State-of-the-Art Voice Biometric Algorithms
  • Multiple APIs and Streaming Media support
  • Scalable and Secure High Availability Database
  • Comprehensive Administration and Reporting
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VBG Platform

Understanding the VBG Platform

A modular architecture supporting diverse customer needs

Powerful & Flexible Web Services

The VBG Platform is an advanced collection of voice biometric and related functional modules, made available via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model.

To meet the diverse needs of our global clients and partners, VBG sells different configurations of these software modules, with different deployment, integration, and pricing options.

Continue reading below for more information about available platform modules, our voice biometric engine, supported use cases, and other VBG Platform details.

Or, visit the Offerings page to learn more about the specific VBG Platform bundles we sell.

Or, visit the Integrations page to see our Offerings in many different integration scenarios.

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VBG Platform Modules

Platform Modules

Our offerings feature different bundles of VBG Platform Modules

VBG Protect™

Our core voice biometric functionality. Create voiceprints for your users and verify them. Works with any actively or passively collected speech, for any language or dialect, and within any environment. Support for unlimited users or unlimited usage per user.

VBG Detect™

Our advanced identification tools, suitable for real-time fraud detection in call centers, non-real-time fraud detection with recordings, identity verification during both live and voicebot conversations, etc. Support for unlimited blacklists.

VBG Dashboard™

Our web-based, real-time reporting and analysis tool that provide details on all API service requests, enroll and verify success rates, identification results, billing details, etc. Manage configuration options.

VBG Visual Demo Center™

Our suite of Visual Demo tools leveraging all platform functionality. Plus, online API and downloadable code and speech samples designed to get developers up and running quickly and efficiently.

VBG Personal Data Manager™

PDM tools allow for consent management and end-user data access in support of GDPR, CCPA, and other similar laws. Can integrate directly into client application, eliminating development need.

VBG Plug-In Suite™

A collection of 3rd party IVR and Call Center plugs-ins, and external authentication tools, natively available within the VBG Platform via our standard RESTful API. Eliminates significant development effort.

VBG Platform Features

Other VBG Platform Features

All platform configurations also include:

  • Unlimited Scaling for Users or Usage
  • RESTful, SOAP, and VoiceXML APIs
  • 100% Anonymous Data Model
  • Built-In Consent Management
  • Full HTTPS and platform logging
  • Voiceprint management and history
  • User verification history and stats
  • Built to be Compliance Friendy
  • Load and memory leak tested
  • Email and Telephone Support
  • High-Availability (HA) Operations
  • Real-Time Streaming Media Support
  • All speech data/PII AES-256 Encrypted
  • Variable Data Retention Policies
  • Fraud detection and alerting
  • Numerous Speech Quality Metrics
  • Voice sample analysis and stats
  • Windows and Linux Server Support
  • Regular PEN testing and PCI scans
  • Optional Professional Services

And many more ...

VBG Platform Engine

VMM-3™ Voice Biometric Engine

The heart of the VBG Platform and result of over 12 years of research and development by the VBG team

Advanced Algorithms

From Machine Learning to the latest Deep Neural Network architectures, the VMM-3 engine can be configured to meet any voice biometric need.

Accurate Scoring

We have both threshold-based and probability-based scoring options, coupled with adaptation techniques, to provide highly accurate scoring.

Flexibile Use Cases

Our multiple algorithms allow us to accept any Actively and Passively collected speech samples from your applications, in any language, with no loss of accuracy.

Complete Function Set

Enroll, verify, identify, classify, model adaption, fraud detection, etc. Our voice biometric engine supports every commonly-used function.

Fraud Detection

Our latest engine features advanced detection of spoofing attempts, synthetic speech, and other voice-based fraud techniques.

Research Commitment

We have a long-term relationship with a Tier 1 Research University to study and leverage the very latest tools and techniques for speech processing.

Engine Use Cases

VMM-3™ Engine Use Cases

Our Engine Supports ANY Conversational or Prompted Speech!

VBG Static Passphrase
Active / Prompted
Static Passphrase

This is our simplest active use case. To enroll, users repeat a simple phrase 3 times. To verify, users repeat the same passphrase. The passphrase can be almost anything - a cell phone number, a simple shared sentence, or even a passphrase specific to each user.

  • Unlimited passphrase options
  • Great with Outbound IVR calls
Active / Prompted

This is our most popular active use case. Users enroll by repeating a simple series of pre-determined digit strings. To verify, the system generates a 4- or 5-digit random number for the user to repeat. There's nothing to remember. It's simple, convenient, and highly accurate.

  • Multiple digit options
  • Use with any language
VBG NaturalSpeech
Passive / Conversational
VBG NaturalSpeech™

This is our most sophisticated use case. Enroll users with passively collected conversations, speech recordings, and other forms of natural speech. This passive use case provides unparalled flexibility for call centers, voice bots, and similar environments.

  • Passively enroll while speaking
  • Verify with 2 seconds of speech

VBG Platform

Other VBG Platform Components

Highly-regarded open source technology helps power other critical functions in our VBG Platform deployment model

VBG has a massively scalable database
MongoDB Database

We use MongoDB in a High Availability configuration. It provides us with almost unlimited horizontal and vertical scaling options for our deployments.

VBG is a high-volume web service
NGINX Web Server

NGINX provides us with a highly stable and predicable web server to handle high volumes of HTTPS requests, as well as routing traffic between our core applications.

VBG was built using Java
Play Application Framework

Play Framework provides us with a scalable, secure, and simple way to develop and deploy our core platform functions, as well as our external platform plug-ins.

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