The VBG Platform

Our powerful Platform-as-a-Service delivery model for VBG Enterprise™ and VBG Pro™

  • Highly Scalable  both horizontally and vertically
  • Highly Available  service architecture
  • Highly Secure  data protection at rest and in transit
  • Highly Compliant  for PCI, GDPR, BIPA, and others
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Core Platform Components

A tight integration of highly-regarded open source software components.

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MongoDB Database

We've been using MongoDB for years to provide high availability, resiliency, and almost unlimited horizontal and vertical scaling options for our deployments.

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NGINX Web Server

NGINX provides us with a highly stable and predicable web server to handle high volumes of HTTPS requests, as well as routing traffic between our core applications.

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Play Application Framework

Play Framework provides us with a scalable, secure, and simple way to develop and deploy our Java applications and products, VBG Enterprise™ and VBG Pro™.

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Audit Logs

All requests are fully logged at both the server and API levels to provide support for compliance requirements, as well as to assist with troubleshooting.

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For VBG Enterprise™ customers, we provide numerous reports and graphs, invoice templates and billing details, and other ad-hoc analysis tools.

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For VBG Enterprise™ customers, we provide a full suite of administrative tools to help configure the service for almost any imaginable platform configuration or need.

About Engine

VMM-3™ Voice Biometric Engine

The heart of our platform, the result of over 10 years of
research and development by VBG

Advanced Algorithms

From statistical models to the latest Deep Learning techniques, the VMM-3 engine has multiple algorithms and feature sets to meet any need.

Accurate Scoring

We have both threshold-based and probability-based scoring options, coupled with adaptation techniques, to provide highly accurate scoring.

Flexibile Use Cases

Our multiple algorithms allow us to accept both Actively and Passively collected speech samples from your applications, with no loss of accuracy.

Speech Enhancement

Our researchers have developed a state-of-the-art technique to separate speech from over 100 common noises - without altering the speech itself.

Read about it
Highly Responsive

Our state-of-the-art components, thread-safe engine, and Java-based parallel processing combine for sub-second response times under any load.

Research Commitment

We're actively working with a Tier 1 Research University to study and leverage the very latest tools and techniques for speech processing.

Use Cases

VMM-3™ Engine Use Cases

VBG Supports Active and Passive Speech Collection

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Active Prompting
Static Passphrase

This is our simplest active use case. To enroll, users repeat a simple phrase 3 times. For verification, users repeat the same passphrase. The static passphrase can be almost anything - the user's cell phone number, a simple shared sentence, or even a passphrase specific to each user.

  • VBG Enterprise™ or VBG Pro™
  • Unlimited passphrase options
  • Use with any language
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Active Prompting

This active use case is our most popular. Users of RandomPIN™ enroll by repeating a simple series of pre-determined digit strings. For verification, the system generates a random number for the user to repeat. There's nothing to remember. It's simple, convenient, and highly accurate.

  • VBG Enterprise™ or VBG Pro™
  • Multiple digit options
  • Use with any language
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This is our most sophisticated use case. Enroll users with passively collected conversations, speech recordings, and other forms of natural speech. This passive use case provides unparalled flexibility for call centers, chat bots, and similar environments. However, more speech is typically required.

  • VBG Enterprise™ only
  • Verify with any speech
  • Use with any language
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