Our Onboarding Process

When you are ready to move forward with your project, we'll take you from evaluation through deployment, ensuring a successful outcome. We've had customers go through this process in two weeks when they needed to move fast.

Begin Process

Discovery Phase

  • Timing: Several days
  • VBG Team: Consulting
  • In this phase, use our published content and free consultation, including webinars, to become familiar with voice biometrics.

  • Use the Voice Biometric Project Planning Guide as a framework to define your business problem in the context of authentication and identification. What is the problem you wish to solve? What are the parameters and constraints for your business problem?

  • After a free consultation regarding your business problem and expectations about the outcome you wish to achieve, we'll tell you if voice biometrics is suitable or refer you to an appropriate solution provider. If the problem looks feasible, then proceed to Phase Two for a deeper discovery phase. Send us an email, call, or text to arrange for a consultation.

Project Consultation Phase

  • Timing: Several days to several weeks
  • VBG Teams: Consulting and Technology
  • To proceed with deeper discovery, execute a mutual non-disclosure agreement to ensure protection of information both ways. Use our electronic one-page NDA or send us yours.

  • Engage in a free workshop session to more fully explore the details of the problem. Gather enough information to scope capacity, scale, and integration into your business process. In the process, assess the scope of professional services needed, if any, to include in a price proposal.

  • If you are a developer or have developer resources and want to take ownership of embedding voice biometrics within your software and business processes, then initiate a Free Trial using our Cloud and RESTful APIs.

Evaluation Phase

  • Timing: Up to 60 days
  • VBG Team: Technology
  • Perform a technical evaluation using the Free Trial or work with one of our partners who provides a turnkey solution. Review the systems architecture to fully scope integration to other parts of your environment.

  • Receive a commercial proposal from Voice Biometrics Group.

  • Perform a financial evaluation to confirm the value of the business case.

  • For larger deployments, run a paid pilot deployment or proof-of-concept to answer any fundamental doubts regarding a production deployment.

Agreement Phase

  • Timing: Up to 30 days
  • VBG Teams: Consulting and Legal
  • Resolve any final business, technology, and or operational questions.

  • Receive an appropriate legal agreement from Voice Biometrics Group or one of out Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Partners.

  • Legal teams work together to finalize terms and execute agreement.

  • We will commence with the Implementation phase as soon as VBG as received the fully executed agreement and any appropriate project down-payments.

Implementation Phase

  • Timing: Several days to several weeks
  • VBG Team: Technology
  • Implementation depends on your choice of Cloud or On-premises deployment, size, and how voice biometrics fits into your business process.

  • The quickest implementations build on what you have already done during the Trial phase, especially if you've used the VBG Cloud and directly accessed our APIs. Setup and startup is fast, typically less than a day to switch from trial to production.

  • Some scenarios require deploying software on your premises. In this case, implementation is a joint effort. You supply the necessary servers; VBG performs the install. Our standard installation on servers properly prepared is usually a matter of a day or two, depending on how large your installation needs to be.

  • If your voice biometric solution needs to integrate with other systems in your business environment, then the integration effort is usually the critical path for implementation. Use VBG's partners or trusted integration experts to ensure the most reliable and efficient implementation.

Maintain and Support Phase

  • Timing: On-going
  • VBG Teams: Support and Technology
  • VBG visits every PROD and UAT server on a monthly basis. We review system logs, perform health checks, perform any necessary on-going maintenance, etc.

  • VBG will also keep your selected service(s) fully up-to-date with the latest releases per your service contract. For hosted systems, maintenance is performed automatically and with no service interruption. For premises-based systems, VBG will coordinate maintenance with client IT teams.

  • VBG is here to support you, so call or email us at any time.
On-Going Support