Voice Biometric ROI Calculator

Voice Biometric solutions pay for themselves in one of three ways:

  1. Detection or avoidance of fraud due to stronger authentication and the use of biometrics to identify fraudsters
  2. Savings through automation of tasks associated with authentication, such as reducing agent time in a call center
  3. Increase in customer loyalty and revenue due to greater convenience and availability of services that were not possible without more secure automated authentication

The last item, measuring incremental revenue changes and the direct correlation of a process change to customer loyalty, is difficult. Therefore, the more common ways to justify a voice biometric project are through fraud avoidance and detection as well as cost savings in agent handle time.

This ROI Calculator focuses on a contact center scenario where those two benefits apply. This calculator assumes that the cost for voice biometrics is transaction-based, i.e., per voiceprint lookup. This usually guarantees the quickest ROI, especially when using RandomPIN™. An alternative not shown here is to pay per active voiceprint in the database. Paying per voiceprint rather than per transaction may result in higher ROI if your users access their voiceprints frequently, such as punching in for a shift. The default values are indicative pricing but every situation is different. Contact us to get a personalized quote and ROI analysis.

Agent Handle Time Savings
Average call duration (in seconds):
Time per call the agent spends authenticating (in seconds):
Loaded cost of agent per month (in USD):
Average number of calls per month all agents:
Percent of calls with successful automated authentication (likely 80% or more):
Fraud Detection and Avoidance
Estimated fraud savings annually (in USD) ENTER a value:
Estimated revenue improvement through customer retention (in USD) ENTER a value:
Cost Of Voice Biometric Transactions
Price per voice biometric lookup (in USD):
One-time Setup plus tuning fees in year one (in USD):
Annual Savings Through Voice Bio Automation:
Annual Savings Through Fraud Avoidance:
Annual Increased Revenue Through Loyalty and Convenience: