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VBG Platform Logo

VBG Platform

Our full-featured voice biometric SaaS platform, hosted in VBG's secure, scalable, and redundant U.S. datacenters, monitored 24x365, and fully managed by VBG personnel.

  • Easy access to highly advanced technology
  • Sensible monthly subscription pricing
VBG Authentication Plug-Ins Logo

Authentication Plug-Ins

A collection of standards-based authentication plug-ins, with pre-configured use cases. Especially well suited for local and remote workforce authentication.

  • Seamless integration with VBG Platform
  • Modest setup fees only, no ongoing charges

VBG Platform Modules

Platform Modules

The VBG Platform is far more than a scalable web service

VBG Protect™

Voice biometric logic and functions provided via RESTful, VoiceXML, SOAP, and Streaming Media APIs. Use with any actively or passively collected speech, for any language or dialect, and with unlimited scale.

VBG Dashboard™

Our web-based, real-time reporting and analysis tool that provide details on all API service requests, enroll and verify success rates, identification results, billing details, configuration management, and much more.

VBG Visual Demo Center™

Our suite of Visual Demo tools leveraging all platform functionality. Plus, online API and downloadable code and speech samples designed to get developers up and running quickly and efficiently.

VBG Personal Data Manager™ (PDM)

Our PDM tools support consent management and end-user data access in support of GDPR, CCPA, and other similar laws. Can integrate directly into client application, eliminating development need.

VBG Adapters™

A series of adapters that allow form-based configuration to common IVR platforms, such as Alvaria, Twilio, Plum Voice, and others. Combined with built-in enroll and verify dialogs, eliminates significant coding effort.

VBG Report Pack™

A package of real-time, ad-hoc reports, as well as standard reports to view invoice details, identify user issues, analyze usage trends, and more. Export to Adoble PDF and Microsoft Excel.

VBG Platform Features

Additional Platform Features

All platform configurations also include:

  • Unlimited Scaling for Users or Usage
  • RESTful, SOAP, and VoiceXML APIs
  • Plug-ins for Twilio, Alvaria, and more
  • Built-in enroll and verify dialogs
  • Use any language, dialect, and use case
  • 100% Anonymous Data Model
  • Built-In Consent Management
  • Full HTTPS and platform logging
  • Voiceprint management and history
  • User verification history and stats
  • Built to be Compliance Friendy
  • Email and Telephone Support
  • High-Availability (HA) Operations
  • Real-Time Streaming Media Support
  • ASR included for many languages
  • Demos and code to speed development
  • Includes channel and gender classifiers
  • All speech data/PII AES-256 Encrypted
  • Variable Data Retention Policies
  • Fraud detection and alerting
  • Numerous Speech Quality Metrics
  • Voice sample analysis and stats
  • Regular PEN testing and PCI scans
  • Optional Professional Services

And many more ...

VBG Platform Engine

VMM-3™ Voice Biometric Engine

The heart of the VBG Platform and result of our constant R&D efforts

Advanced Algorithms

From Machine Learning to the latest Deep Neural Network architectures, the VMM-3 engine can be configured to meet any voice biometric need.

Accurate Scoring

We have both threshold-based and probability-based scoring options, coupled with adaptation techniques, to provide highly accurate scoring.

Flexibile Use Cases

Our multiple algorithms allow us to accept any Actively and Passively collected speech samples from your applications, in any language, with no loss of accuracy.

Complete Function Set

Enroll, verify, identify, classify, model adaption, fraud detection, etc. Our voice biometric engine supports every commonly-used function.

Fraud Detection

Our latest engine features advanced detection of spoofing attempts, synthetic speech, and other voice-based fraud techniques.

Research Commitment

We have a long-term relationship with a Tier 1 Research University to study and leverage the very latest tools and techniques for speech processing.

Engine Use Cases

VMM-3™ Engine Use Cases

Our Engine Supports ANY Conversational or Prompted Speech!

VBG Static Passphrase
Active / Prompted
Static Passphrase

This is our simplest active use case. To enroll, users repeat a simple phrase 3 times. To verify, users repeat the same passphrase. The passphrase can be almost anything - a cell phone number, a simple shared sentence, or even a passphrase specific to each user.

  • Unlimited passphrase options
  • Great with Outbound IVR calls
Active / Prompted

This is our most popular active use case. Users enroll by repeating a simple series of pre-determined digit strings. To verify, the system generates a 4- or 5-digit random number for the user to repeat. There's nothing to remember. It's simple, convenient, and highly accurate.

  • Multiple digit options
  • Use with any language
VBG NaturalSpeech
Passive / Conversational
VBG NaturalSpeech™

This is our most sophisticated use case. Enroll users with passively collected conversations, speech recordings, and other forms of natural speech. This passive use case provides unparalled flexibility for call centers, voice bots, and similar environments.

  • Passively enroll while speaking
  • Verify with 2 seconds of speech

Authentication Plug-Ins

Our Authentication Plug-Ins

Plug-ins and adapters to quickly enable multi-factor authentication for many scenarios

If you want a fast, standards-based path to MFA using voice biometrics, look no further than our Authentication Plug-ins.

Little development needed ... deploy enterprise MFA in an afternoon!
VBG Authentication Plug-Ins Logo
VBG RADIUS Server Plug-In Logo


Install our RADIUS Server Plug-in on your Windows or Linux servers, configure a few parameters, and you'll instantly have access to voice biometric authentication as a security factor.

VBG ADFS Server Plug-In Logo

ADFS Server

Install our Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) adapter and IIS security proxy to immediately add voice biometric authentication to your list of available authenticators.

VBG Windows Credential Provider Plug-In Logo

Windows Login

We've created a custom Windows Credential Provider that can be installed on supported Windows computers to add voice biometric authentication to the Windows Login screen.

Authentication Options

End User Authentication Tools

VBG offers several options for users to authenticate with our plug-ins

Current Options

We currently support several ways for your end users to interact with VBG Authentication plug-ins.

Our latest innovation, VBG Authenticator™ is an excellent multi-factor authentication replacement for push offerings from Okta and DUO. In most cases, VBG offers stronger authentication and lower pricing!

VBG makes it easy.

VBG Authenticator Logo

VBG Authenticator™New

Mobile push authentication for iPhone and Android users. Extremely simple 3-factor authentication!


Headset / WebRTC

Have a headset or built-in microphone? Use our WebRTC framework to authenticate without lifting a finger!

VBG Outbound Call Logo

Outbound CallPopular

Receive a call and repeat a random PIN in seconds! Available via our global network of IVR partners.


Pricing Information

Budget-friendly monthly subscription plans that can scale to any need. Customized pricing plans available for custom deployments.

Subscriptions start at
$ 250 /month
VBG is top-rated
  • VBG Platform + All Modules
  • Secure U.S. Datacenters
  • Custom Deployments Available

Our monthly subscription plans give you a budget-friendly, worry-free, managed voice biometric platform to handle both small and large user communities alike.

Authentication Plug-Ins
$ Free /server
VBG is top-rated
  • RADIUS Server
  • ADFS Server
  • Windows Login

Authentication Plug-Ins are free for any company with a monthly VBG Platform subscription plan. Company is required to install and configure plug-ins.

VBG Authenticator™
$ Free /user
VBG is top-rated
  • Apple iPhone
  • Android Phones
  • RandomPIN™ use case

VBG Authenticator™ is available as a free download from the Apple and Google Play Stores. Device registration required. Nominal per-push fees apply.

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