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Modular SaaS offerings designed to meet a wide range of voice biometric needs

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VBG Enterprise™

Our flagship voice biometrics service. Used by our partners, large companies, and those with more complex voice biometric needs.

  • Deploy to Your Premise, Public Cloud, etc.
  • Every module and function we offer
  • License, Subscription, and Hybrid Pricing
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VBG Pro™

Powerful and lightweight, with core feature set. Used by smaller businesses, start-ups, and those with relatively simple voice biometric needs.

  • Available in VBG Cloud Only
  • Core Enroll and Verify Functions Only
  • Monthly Subscription Only
About Our Products

Application Modules

VBG Enterprise™ and VBG Pro™ feature a collection of key modules

VBG Protect™

Our core voice biometric functionality. Create voiceprints for your users and verify them. Works with any actively or passively collected speech, for any language or dialect, and within any environment. Supports unlimited users and/or usage per user.

VBG Detect™

Our advanced identification tools, suitable for real-time fraud detection in call centers, non-real-time fraud detection with recordings, identity verification during both live and voicebot conversations, etc. Support for unlimited blacklists.

VBG Dashboard™

Our web-based, real-time reporting and analysis tool that provide details on all API service requests, enroll and verify success rates, identification results, billing details, etc. Manage configuration options.

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VBG Visual Demo Center™

Our suite of Visual Demo tools leveraging all platform functionality. Plus, online API and downloadable code and speech samples designed to get developers up and running quickly and efficiently.

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VBG Personal Data Manager™

Optional PDM tools allow for consent management, data access, etc. in support of GDPR, CCPA, and other laws and statutes. Can integrate directly into client application, eliminating development need.

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VBG Plug-In Pack™

Custom tools that allow you to natively integrate with many common platforms, such as: Amazon Connect, Aspect Software, Telnyx, Twilio, and others.

About Our Products

Other Shared Features

VBG Enterprise™ and VBG Pro™ share numerous other features:

  • Any Active or Passive Content
  • Unlimited Scaling with the VBG Platform
  • RESTful, SOAP, and VoiceXML APIs
  • 100% Anonymous Data Model
  • Built-In Consent Management
  • Fraud/Spoof Detection w/Alerts
  • Personalized Score Thresholds
  • ASR support for Active Use Cases
  • Email and Telephone Support
  • 60-Day Free Trials
  • Any Language, Dialect, or Use Case
  • High-Availability (HA) Operations
  • Real-Time Streaming Media Support
  • All speech data/PI is AES-256 Encrypted
  • Variable Data Retention Policies
  • Voiceprint/Model Adaptation
  • Numerous Speech Quality Metrics
  • Multiple Plug-ins to Popular Platforms
  • Built-In IVR & Standard Dialogs
  • Optional Professional Services

And many more ...

About Our Products

Product Pricing

VBG has two basic pricing models to address a diverse range of user community sizes and usage needs. Hybrid options are also available for specialized applications and use cases.

Subscriptions tend to work well when users do not need to authenticate frequently and/or there is frequent user turn-over.

Licensing tends to work well for stable user communities with heavy on-going authentication needs per user.

Subscriptions Start At

$ 250 /month
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  • VBG Pro™
  • VBG Enterprise™

Starting at only $250/mo, our monthly subscription plans give you a budget-friendly, worry-free, managed voice biometric platform to handle both small and large user communities alike. No long-term commitment required.

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Licenses Start At

$ 1 /per user per year
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  • VBG Enterprise™
  • Custom Hosting

VBG software licenses provide you with unlimited usage of ALL voice biometric functionality for large groups of users. Plans are available in 25K user increments, with a minimum 12-month commitment.

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