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Different VBG Platform bundles to meet a wide range of voice biometric needs

VBG Pro Logo

VBG Pro™

Our fully managed deployment of the VBG Platform, hosted in VBG's U.S. data center.

  • Most modules and plug-ins available
  • Available with Subscription pricing only
VBG Enterprise Logo

VBG Enterprise™

The complete VBG Platform, configured for premise or private deployments.

  • Every module, function and plug-in we offer
  • License, Subscription, and Hybrid pricing
VBG Authentication Plug-Ins Logo

VBG Auth Plug-Ins

A collection of standards-based authentication plug-ins, with pre-configured use cases.

  • Operate stand-alone or with VBG Enterprise™ or VBG Pro™
  • Subscription and Hybrid pricing plans

VBG Pro™

VBG Pro™ Details

Our highly available, scalable, reliable, and secure hosted voice biometrics solution

Hosted in VBG's U.S. datacenter and fully managed, this is our most popular offering. VBG Pro™ is fast and accurate and delivers all the functionality that most companies need, in a sensibly-priced monthly subscription pricing model.

Key features:
VBG Pro Logo
  • All VBG Platform modules except VBG Detect™ (advanced identification and fraud detection)
  • Plug-ins for many popular IVR and Call Center platforms
  • Built-in IVR enroll and verify dialogs
  • Free ASR for 26 languages/dialects
  • REST, SOAP, VoiceXML, and Streaming Media APIs
  • Configurable for any language, dialect, and use case
  • Working demos and code samples to speed development
  • Voiceprint/Model Adaptation
  • Raw and probability-based scoring systems and metrics
  • Numerous Speech Quality Metrics
  • Reporting and billing support for unlimited applications and sub-accounts
  • Support for unlimited user voiceprints
  • Gender and Channel Classification
  • Monitored and Managed 24x365
  • And much more ...

VBG Enterprise™

VBG Enterprise ™ Details

The complete VBG Platform, available for premise, cloud, and other private deployments

Our flagship offering, intended for clients and partners with more sophisticated use cases and/or higher operating volumes. VBG Enterprise™ can power any voice biometric needs for your IVR, Call Center, Enterprise, Mobile, and IoT applications.

Key features:
VBG Enterprise Logo
  • All features from VBG Pro™ are included with VBG Enterprise™
  • Includes VBG Detect™, our advanced functionality for identification and fraud detection
  • Support for unlimited fraud databases
  • Support for user communities from 25,000 to 100,000,000
  • Native ASR plug-ins for Google and Microsoft Speech APIs
  • Option to store data locally or in high quality cloud block storage -- or both
  • Certified production deployments in: Alibaba Cloud, Amazon EC2, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Liquid Web, Microsoft Azure, and RackSpace
  • Hard iron deployments can be Windows Server, Linux Server, or hybrid environments
  • All installations are high-availability by default
  • Extensive scripts for messaging, alerts, daily backups, etc.
  • And much more ...

VBG Auth Plug-Ins

VBG Auth Plug-Ins Details

Plug-ins and adapters to quickly enable multi-factor authentication for many scenarios

If you want a fast, standards-based path to MFA using voice biometrics, look no further than the VBG Auth Plug-in Suite.

No development needed ... deploy enterprise MFA in an afternoon!
VBG Authentication Plug-Ins Logo
VBG RADIUS Server Plug-In Logo


Install our RADIUS Server Plug-in on your Windows or Linux servers, configure a few parameters, and you'll instantly have access to voice biometric authentication as a security factor.

VBG ADFS Server Plug-In Logo

ADFS Server

Install our Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) adapter and IIS security proxy to immediately add voice biometric authentication to your list of available authenticators.

VBG Windows Credential Provider Plug-In Logo

Windows Login

We've created a custom Windows Credential Provider that can be installed on supported Windows computers to add voice biometric authentication to the Windows Login screen.

Authentication Options

End User Authentication

VBG offers several options for users to authenticate with our plug-ins

Current Options

Pair any option from the VBG Auth Plug-In Suite with one or more end-user authentication tools. Currently, VBG offers several choices, with more to follow.

All tools are provided freely; however, an underlying VBG Pro™ or VBG Enterprise™ contract is required.

Our latest innovation, VBG Authenticator™ is an excellent multi-factor authentication replacement for push offerings from Okta and DUO. In most cases, VBG offers stronger authentication and lower pricing!

VBG makes it easy.

VBG Authenticator Logo

VBG Authenticator™Beta

Mobile push authentication for iPhone and Android users. Extremely simple 3-factor authentication!


Headset / WebRTCNew

Have a headset or built-in microphone? Use our WebRTC framework to authenticate without lifting a finger!

VBG Outbound Call Logo

Outbound CallPopular

Receive a call and repeat a random PIN in seconds! Available via our global network of IVR partners.

Offering Comparison

Key Features by Offering

Here we highlight key differences between the VBG Offerings

VBG Pro™ VBG Enterprise™ VBG Auth Plug-Ins
Included VBG Platform Modules:
VBG Protect™
VBG Detect™
VBG Dashboard™
VBG Visual Demo Center™
VBG Personal Data Manager™
Available Deployment Locations:
VBG Data Center Custom
On Premise
Public/Private Cloud
Available Pricing:
Hybrid Plans

Offering Pricing

Pricing for Our Offerings

Several plans to address a diverse range of user community sizes and usage needs. Customized pricing plans also available.

Subscriptions start at
$ 250 /month
VBG is top-rated
  • VBG Pro™ only
  • VBG's U.S. Datacenter only

Our monthly subscription plans give you a budget-friendly, worry-free, managed voice biometric platform to handle both small and large user communities alike. No long-term commitment required.

Licenses start at
$ 1 /user
VBG is top-rated
  • VBG Enterprise™ only
  • Premise and private hosting only

Licenses provide you with unlimited usage of the full VBG Platform for large user communities. Plans are available in 25K user increments, with a minimum 12-month commitment.

Hybrid pricing starts at
$ 7,500 /month
VBG is top-rated
  • VBG Enterprise™ only
  • Premise and private hosting only

The power of a license, with the payment flexibility of a subscription. Hyrbid plans give you unlimited users and unlimited usage when making an annual commitment.

VBG Auth Plug-Ins
$ Free /server
VBG is top-rated
  • RADIUS Server
  • ADFS Server
  • Windows Login

VBG Auth Plug-Ins are free for any company using VBG Pro™ or VBG Enterprise™. Company is required to install and configure plug-ins.

VBG Authenticator™
$ Free /user
VBG is top-rated
  • Apple iPhone
  • Android Phones
  • RandomPIN™ use case

VBG Authenticator™ will soon (March 2021) be available from Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores. Registration of device is required for push operations.

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