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VBG's Philosophy and Approach

Voice biometric technology is complex, so we keep things simple

VBG is developer centric


Our business model favors developers, system integrators, and those who want to embed our technology into their own products and services.

VBG is 100% focused on voice biometrics


Since our inception in 2009, VBG has been 100% focused on our core voice biometric technology and delivery systems.

It's easy to work with VBG


From promptly responding to your inquires, to using our platform APIs and Plug-ins, to deployment and beyond, VBG makes it easy.

Industry Examples

VBG Serves Many Industries

Key industries where we've successfully deployed production solutions

VBG is used in banking and financial services

Financial Services

VBG is used in telecommunications


VBG is used in insurance


VBG is used in mobile workforce

Mobile Workforce

VBG is used in online education

Online Education

VBG is used in law enforcement

Law Enforcement

VBG is used in healthcare


VBG is used in IT security

IT Security

Use Case Examples

VBG Technology in Action

Simple use cases highlighting the VBG Platform's flexibility

VBG Value

Why Choose VBG?

There are MANY critical requirements when considering a voice biometric vendor ... far MORE than just having a good engine


Since 2009 VBG has been deploying and supporting voice biometric solutions. Experience DOES matter.

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Flexible Platform

VBG has the most flexible technology platform in the industry! We configure what you need, where you need it.

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Accurate Technology

We use the latest Deep Learning techniques in our engine and are constantly working to improve accuracy and performance.

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We keep minimal data, protect and encrypt what we have, and have extensive policies to address compliance.

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3rd Party Plug-Ins

We have numerous contact center system plug-ins and authentication provider adapters to make using VBG with your favorite technologies a breeze.

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Friendly, Responsive Support

We pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service in the industry. Call us today to see firsthand!

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