VBG Security

We've taken a multi-faceted approach to security for every aspect of our business.

Data Security

VBG has a comprehensive set of physical, network, and logical protection services and policies.

Privacy Protection

Protection of your end users' privacy is paramount to VBG. All personal data is fully AES-256 encrypted.


It's easy to integrate our services into processes subject to PCI, GDPR, BIPA and other guidance and statutes.

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Security Foundation

Data Security

VBG provides a combination of physical, network, and logical security safeguards for all hosting customers. Customers who choose to deploy VBG Enterpriseā„¢ within their premises continue to take advantage of our logical security protocols.

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Physical Security

VBG Hosting features fully managed data centers located in Florida, Michigan, and Arizona. In addition to protecting your data with geographic redundancy, each location has numerous physical safeguards:

  • Nondescript buildings
  • Multi-level external locks
  • Limited access server rooms
  • SOC 1 Type 1, SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3
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Network Security

VBG Hosting includes many hardware- and software-based network safeguards to protect both your data while in transit and our systems from unwanted traffic and malicious attacks.

  • Hardware-based firewalls
  • VPN required for remote access
  • 3rd party intrustion detection
  • Active DDoS protection
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Logical Security

At both the server and service levels, VBG employs additional safeguards to ensure that only authorized traffic is able to be processed on the VBG Platform. Applies to both hosting and premise-based deployments.

  • Software firewalls fully enabled
  • Security tokens for API access
  • SSL certificates for every server
  • Client-level data segmentation
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Security Foundation


Since our inception, VBG has made substantial investments to provide compliant operations within the critical industry areas our clients and partners operate in.

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PCI-DSS Compliance

VBG processes millions of requests per year in our data center. And while it is not possible to accept credit card data in our system, we still actively maintain PCI certification:

  • PCI Level 4 certification
  • Quarterly PCI scans performed
  • Annual Penetration Testing
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GDPR Compliance

VBG is a processor of voice biometric data, a sensitive category according to GDPR. Thus, we've created special functions and policies to allow us to work seamlessly with our clients and partners.

  • GDPR Compliance Statement
  • Full DPA contract support
  • Personal Data Manager (PDM)
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Other Laws and Statutes

VBG actively monitors national, state, and industry-specific regulations and statutues relative to our existing data model and policies. Other legislation we help to address includes:

  • BIPA
  • CA AB375
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