VBG Enterprise™ and VBG Pro™

Our two products are designed to meet a wide range of voice biometric application needs.

Accurate core technology featuring the latest Deep Learning algorithms

Easy to integrate into any application

Each is part of VBG's Platform-as-a-Service delivery model

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VBG Enterprise™

Our flagship voice biometrics offering. Used by our partners, large companies, and those with more complex voice biometric needs.

  • Premise, Public Cloud, VBG Cloud, etc.
  • Enroll, Verify, Identify, Blacklist, etc.
  • Any Use Case, Any Language
  • Multiple Subscrition and License Options
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VBG Pro™

Powerful and lightweight, with core feature set. Used by smaller business, developers, and those with relatively simple voice biometric needs.

  • Available in VBG Cloud Only
  • Enroll and Verify Functions
  • Fixed Use Case and Language Options
  • Pay-as-you-go Pricing
About Product

VBG Enterprise™

VBG Enterprise™ is a modular service that allows you to add voice biometric enrollment, verification, and identification capabilities to your Call Center, IVR, Mobile, Enterprise, IoT, WebRTC, or ChatBOT applications. It's accurate, easy to use, and very reliable.

  • Cloud, On Premises, or Hybrid Deployments
  • RESTful and VXML APIs
  • Voiceprint Adaptation
  • Spoof Detection and Alerting
  • Works with Any Language
  • Code samples
  • Try before you buy
  • Multiple Subscription and Licensing Options
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Works with Any Use Case
  • Available RADIUS Server Plug-In
  • Optional IVR & Telephony
  • Optional Professional Services

Key Features

Modules Included with VBG Enterprise™

VBG Protect™

Create voiceprints for your users and verify them. Works with actively or passively collected speech, for any language or dialect, and within any server environment.

VBG Detect™

Our advanced identification functionality, suitable for fraud detection (and prevention) in call centers, identity verification during conversations, blacklisting, etc.

VBG Dashboard™

Our real-time reporting and analysis tool that provide details on all API service requests, enroll and verify success rates, identification results, billing details, etc.

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VBG Visual Demo Center™

Our online API and Visual Demo tools, plus a collection of code samples and functions designed to get developers up and running quickly and efficiently.

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VBG Personal Data Manager™

Our PDM tools allow individuals to manage their own consent, data access, etc. in support of GDPR, BIPA, and other data protection laws and statutes.

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Advanced Feature Pack

A collection of tools that provide support for RADIUS Server integration, Model Adaptation, Fraud and Spoof Detection, and other voice biometric options.


VBG Enterprise™ Pricing

VBG has two standard pricing models to address a diverse range of user community sizes and usage needs.

Subscriptions tend to work well for situations where users do not need to authenticate frequently and/or there is frequent user turn-over.

Licensing tends to work well for stable user communities with heavy on-going authentication needs.

Monthly Subscription

$ 500 /month
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  • VBG Hosting
  • On-Premise

Starting at only $500/mo, VBG subscription hosting plans give you a budget-friendly, worry-free, managed voice biometric platform to handle both small and large user communities alike. No long-term commitments required.

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Software License

$ * /per user
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  • VBG Hosting
  • On-Premise

VBG software licenses provide you with unlimited usage of ALL voice biometric functionality for large groups of users. Plans are available for 25K users or more, with a minimum 2-year commitment.

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Product comparison chart

VBG Enterprise™ vs. VBG Pro™

VBG Enterprise™
  • Enroll, Verify, Identify, and Classify
  • VBG Hosting, Public Cloud, On-Premise
  • Static Phrase, RandomPIN™, NaturalSpeech™
  • Any Language
  • Email, Phone, Chat
  • Licensing Available
  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Includes VBG Dashboard™
  • Includes Advanced Features
VBG Pro™
  • Enroll and Verify
  • VBG Hosting
  • Static Phrase and RandomPIN™
  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin
  • Email Only
  • Pay-as-you-go / Top-off
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