VBG Enterprise™ and VBG Pro™

Our two products are designed to meet a wide range of voice biometric application needs.

Accurate core technology featuring the latest Deep Learning algorithms

Easy to integrate into any application

Each is part of VBG's Platform-as-a-Service delivery model

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VBG Enterprise™

Our flagship voice biometrics offering. Used by our partners, large companies, and those with more complex voice biometric needs.

  • Premise, Public Cloud, VBG Cloud, etc.
  • Enroll, Verify, Identify, Blacklist, etc.
  • Any Use Case, Any Language
  • Multiple Subscrition and License Options
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VBG Pro™

Powerful and lightweight, with core feature set. Used by smaller business, developers, and those with relatively simple voice biometric needs.

  • Available in VBG Cloud Only
  • Enroll and Verify Functions
  • Fixed Use Case and Language Options
  • Pay-as-you-go Pricing
About Product

VBG Pro™

VBG Pro™ is a modular service that provides voice biometric enrollment and verification functionality for your Call Center, IVR, Mobile, Enterprise, IoT, WebRTC, or ChatBOT applications. It's accurate, easy to use, and very reliable.

  • VBG Cloud Delivery
  • RESTful API
  • Support for ENG, SPA, and POR
  • Code samples
  • Try before you buy
  • Pay-as-you-go Pricing
  • Email Support
  • Works with Active Use Cases
  • Optional IVR & Telephony
  • Optional Professional Services

Key Features

Modules Included with VBG Pro™

VBG Protect™

Our core voice biometric enrollment and verification functions. Works with actively or passively collect speech, for any language or dialect, within any server environment.

VBG Visual Demo Center™

Our online API and Visual Demo tools, plus a collection of code samples and functions designed to get developers up and running quickly and efficiently.

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VBG Personal Data Manager™

Our PDM tools allow individuals to manage their own consent, data access, etc. in support of GDPR, BIPA, and other data protection laws and statutes.

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VBG Pro™ Pricing

VBG Pro™ uses a pay-as-you-go pricing system where you purchase "buckets" of verification requests.

Free Enrollments. VBG Pro™ account holders pay only for verifications. And, we start all new accounts out with 100 free verifications to help you get comfortable with VBG Pro™.

Safe & Secure. You decide if and when you need more verifications. When you do, we use Stripe™, so VBG never sees your credit card data!


$ 20 /top-off
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  • VBG Hosting

We feature multiple top-off amounts, starting at $20. Each top-off amount entitles you to a certain number of verifications - larger amounts give you lower per-verification costs. Use your verifications whenever you like. There's no on-going commitment, no lengthy contracts.

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Product comparison chart

VBG Enterprise™ vs. VBG Pro™

VBG Enterprise™
  • Enroll, Verify, Identify, and Classify
  • VBG Hosting, Public Cloud, On-Premise
  • Static Phrase, RandomPIN™, NaturalSpeech™
  • Any Language
  • Email, Phone, Chat
  • Licensing Available
  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Includes VBG Dashboard™
  • Includes Advanced Features
VBG Pro™
  • Enroll and Verify
  • VBG Hosting
  • Static Phrase and RandomPIN™
  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin
  • Email Only
  • Pay-as-you-go / Top-off
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